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Hey guys, after playing your free 5153 profile for about 10 seconds, I immediately bought the studio profiles for the 5153, Black Cat, Bogner Shiva, and Friedman amps.  They are just awesome! I have searched for endless hours on the Kemper Rig Exchange for free rigs, I have bought packs from many of the other major sellers, and I could never find just what I wanted, especially for hard rock.  Either they were too tinny or hissy or trebly with some nasty high-end stuff that I couldn't eq out, or they were too muddy and too dark to cut through the mix. Your rigs can growl and scream at the same time, and it's awesome!  You've gotten rid of the harshness while maintaining all the bite and power. Congrats to you on the awesome profiles you've created! The best I've found.

- Nolan


I’m a brand new owner of a Kemper. I never thought i’d play without my amps, but i thought i’d give this thing a go. I’ve been going through hundreds of profiles lately trying to find a sound thats in my head, which is the sound of my personal Black Cat. I stumbled upon your website today while looking for a profile of a Black Cat specifically. Let me just say you did an incredible job with this profile. I’m a professional touring and session guitar player in Nashville. Ive only ever bonded with Bad Cat amps over the years. As soon as I loaded your profile I felt at home. I use custom molds, so I’m very familiar with what my amp sounds and feels like and again, you guys nailed this one. Its spot on. I use the EF86 side the most and you captured all the tone and feel of that channel. Incredible work!

Just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you!

-Steve M.

"The EVH 5150 III 5153 pack is, hands down, the BEST tones I've heard anywhere of that amp and I've tried more than a few!"
Kevin A.

"The profile is great! Very open sounding, nice and full body and very "in your face" at the same time.
The sound is also very natural.
I have just tested it in my studio right now, and can't wait to try it on a band rehearsal."
Stig A. Clason - guitarist in the norwegian progrock band "The Windmill" 

Check us out. Sold a couple of thousands CDs, and got amazing feedback and reviews on both albums.

"All I can say, (and you KNOW this from the forums), I have used ALL the most recognized Marshall profiles out there
and the A/M Audio Profiles are no joke! They cover a ton of ground and although i am a Rock player, these would sit in
perfectly for many other scenario's. They sound great direct to your DAW as well as running with a power amp and guitar cabinet.
Exactly what I look for when purchasing profiles..
Thanks and I look forward to future releases!"
Jeremy aka JerEvil

"Rich, I purchased this pack last night and gave it a first try this morning.
I actually stuck on the first profile: A/M '78 Marshall JMP1A. I could not stop playing it - very versatile and sensitive.
Great job on this one."