Our profiles are created with top of the line studio gear.
Here are some products that were used:

Mic pre's: Custom Stevenson Console, Precision 8's, Altec 1589B

*Please be sure to update your Kemper to the latest firmware as our profiles require it.

Bad Cat Black Cat Profiles - Sound Clips at bottom of page

Seeking to recreate the sounds of the Bad Cat Black Cat amplifier using our many years of studio experience, mic'ing techniques and our own ears. The respective trademark of the amp(s) used to achieve this shall remain with the trademark owner(s). A/M Audio is in no way affiliated with the amp or gear manufacturers. Please continue to support all amp makers!
Bad Cat Black Cat 30r Studio Pack 1
  • Bad Cat Black Cat 30r Studio Pack 1

Bad Cat Black Cat 30r Studio Pack 1

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8 studio profiles of the famed Bad Cat Black Cat 30r 2x12 combo! You receive 4 profiles of channel 1, 3 profiles of channel 2 and 1 profile of the amp jumpered!

Mics used were the Sennheiser 421 and the combo had stock Bad Cat Celestion speakers.

***This is a studio profile pack only.

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